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Matters needing attention in capacitive products

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1. The film that conforms to the ESD standard should be affixed on the capacitor screen.

2. Regular cleaning, use computer liquid crystal cleaning liquid (alcohol, furniture cleaning fluid cannot be used);

3. Avoid static electricity: Static electricity is easy to break through the capacitor screen. Although the layer of glass on the surface of the capacitive screen is treated with some antistatic treatment, it does not mean that it can resist the static electricity of the human body in winter, and many people have chosen the inferior screen paste which is easy to produce static electricity. And with a cotton cover is a good choice;

4.Avoid oil, sweat and other conductive media: oil, sweat and other cover on the screen will constitute a conductive layer, resulting in the screen drift.

5. Afraid of "high" temperature: the high temperature here does not mean burning carbon, but to 40 degrees of temperature, it is possible to cause capacitance panel drift, at this temperature for a long time, capacitive screen will probably be scrapped;

6. Fear magnetic field: especially electromagnetic field, a small magnet on the capacitor screen for a while. Capacitive screens will temporarily fail (and may cause permanent damage) so try to avoid items such as sound boxes or magnetic screws;

7. Fear of unstable voltage. When the finger touches the capacitor screen, it will "suck" a slight current away, and then the screen from the four corners of the uniform transmission to the position of the thumb, and to make a location. Therefore, the capacitance screen will drift or even fail when the transmission voltage is unstable.

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