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Laser Irradiation Resin: Rice University develops flexible super capacitors

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The key point for James Tour to use this material to fabricate double-layer capacitors is to add boric acid to the polyimide film in advance. In this way, compared with without boric acid, the electric double-layer capacitance is raised to 3 ~ 4 times, and the discharge capacity is increased to 5 ~ 10 times.

Rice University has developed flexible double layer capacitors (also called super capacitors) using graphite and others. Relevant papers have been issued in ACS NANO. This double layer capacitor is marked by excellent bending resistance.

        James Tour, a researcher at Rice University, irradiated polyimide film with lasers and formed about 20 μ m of bubbly materials connected to graphite sheets on their surfaces. This material is used as an electrode for double-layer capacitors. The capacitance density is 16.5mF / cm2 which is no less than the normal double layer capacitor products.

The test results show that the dual layer capacitor can maintain the initial capacity of 90% even if it charges and discharges 12000 times. In addition, in the durability test, even if the bending stretch 8000 times, the performance also did not deteriorate.


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