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How to judge the quality of air conditioner capacitors

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Capacitors are closely related to our lives, such as TVs, LED lights, switching power supplies and so on. The air conditioner is started by the capacitor of the external unit, do you all know that? If the capacitor is broken, the whole air conditioner will not cool, and it is also the most common failure that causes the air conditioner to fail to cool or heat. How do we judge whether the capacitor is good or bad in daily maintenance? If the air conditioner capacitor is broken, it can usually be seen from the outside. Some capacitors are bulging and leaking, which can be seen from the outside. Some of them need a capacitance meter to measure, because it looks good on the outside, and it must be measured with professional tools.

The method of judging whether the capacitor is good or bad is as follows:

①The most direct and simplest method: connect directly with 220V ac, you can connect one pole first, and touch the other capacitor pin with another power cord. If there is an obvious small spark when touched, it can be sure that the capacitor is charged, that is to say, the capacitor is not broken.

②A pointer-type multimeter can also be used to measure the capacitance of a digital meter. If you use a pointer multimeter, generally use the R × 1K file, and connect the test leads to the two poles of the capacitor. At this time, the pointer of the multimeter will swing, and then slowly return to zero or near zero. Such capacitors are good. The larger the capacity of the capacitor, the longer the charging time, and the slower the pointer swings in the direction of 00. If after connecting it, the pointer does not move and the resistance value displayed is very small and does not move, it must be bad.

③Digital multimeter detection. Check with a digital multimeter, set the digital multimeter to the appropriate resistance level, and the red test lead and black test lead respectively touch the two poles of the capacitor under test. At this time, the display value will gradually increase from 000 until the overflow symbol "1" is displayed. If 000 is always displayed, it means that the capacitor is shorted internally. If overflow is always displayed, it may be an open circuit between the electrodes inside the capacitor, or the selected resistance file may be inappropriate.

After the capacitor breaks down or opens the circuit, it cannot be repaired, only a new capacitor of the same type can be replaced. The development of science and technology is inseparable from electronic components, and capacitors also create our high-quality life.


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