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How to deal with damp gauge capacitor?

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1.Check the safety gauge capacitor label for any defects and deadlines in the storage, production and use process of the guaranteed product.

2.Also check to see if the safety capacitor is after service time.

3.Safety capacitor stored in a dry place, moisture-proof, anti-chemical, anti-fire. Normally stored for one year at a temperature of about 25 ℃ ±5 ℃ and humidity of 60% ±5%, it will not affect the electrical characteristics of the capacitance. If the moisture exceeds 80%, the insulation function will be reduced, and the voltage resistance will also be reduced. When the safety gauge capacitor is applied, the power supply is in contact with the power supply, and the improper operation of the capacitor will damage the capacitor.

4.Check the composition of the raw material of the gauge capacitor, the ceramic chip powder pressurized sheet is sintered through 1, 000 to 2, 000 degrees high temperature and time shift, the appearance will not change, so the validity period is indefinite.

Moisture can cause very serious harm to the safety gauge capacitor. The dampness of the safety gauge capacitor will see whether the safety gauge capacitor is after the service life, check the composition of the raw materials, keep it in a dry place, prevent it from moisture, chemicals, fire and so on.


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