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How to choose High quality Capacitor

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    Tangent of loss angle, temperature characteristic, current value and equivalent resistance are the key parameters of capacitor. The lower the equivalent resistance is, the better. The equivalent resistance is related to the CR, frequency, UR and temperature range of the capacitor. The larger the CR is, the lower the equivalent resistance is when UR is constant. In the design of PCB board, several small capacitors are used in parallel to make out the range of PCB space, so some people think that the more series circuits, the lower the equivalent resistance and the better the effect. On the surface is like this, but should consider capacitance should take the impedance of solder joint, select multiple small capacitors in parallel, the result is not necessarily good.

    Some people prefer large capacitors to replace capacitors. It is clear that the larger the capacitor, the stronger the current supply to the integrated circuit. Do not say the increase of capacitance capacity brings the volume to become bigger, the period that raises cost is still immersed in air activity and radiate heat. The main reason is that the stray inductance is stored on the capacitor, and the discharge circuit of the capacitor will produce resonance on a rate value. At the resonance point, the impedance of the capacitor is small. Therefore, the impedance of the power loop becomes smaller, and the energy enrichment results are the best.

    In the manufacture of PCB board, the circuit design standard is the main link. With some manufacturers can use two-phase power supply production than some manufacturers choose four-phase power more stable products, blind promotion of high prices of capacitors, may not be able to make good products. To weigh an item, it is important to study it comprehensively and in many ways.


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