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How to calculate the capacitor capacity?

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Starting capacitance capacity:


In the formula: I---current-frequency; U--voltage ;2p---power factor 2, small power factor 4 ;cos φ ---power factor (0.4-0.8).

Starting capacitor voltage: capacitor voltage is greater than or equal to 1. 42*U.


Operating capacitance capacity:


In the formula: I---current-frequency; U--voltage ;2p---takes 2.4;cos φ ---power factor (0.4-0.8).

Operating capacitance voltage: the capacitance voltage is greater than or equal to (2-2.3)*U.

Empirical data, if your motor is not greater than 200W, the starting capacitance will not exceed 100uF, if the operating capacitance, you can choose a few numerical electrification test. Determine what capacitance has the least current under the capacity of the machine. Then the capacity of the capacitor is the best value. The capacitance of single-phase phase separation motor capacitor can be calculated by empirical formula C=35000I/2PUfcos&


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