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How to Select Capacitor of cbb65 AC Motor

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We have a precise understanding of the role of air conditioning capacitors, hope to be able to help the majority of maintenance personnel. I hope I can help you solve some problems with capacitors.The reliability of capacitors depends not only on the reliability of the capacitors themselves. And is also dependent on the correct selection and reasonable use, air conditioning capacitors, to ensure that the product can achieve the intended use and reliability, for the user's reference. When ordering or asking for samples. Please provide the following information as far as possible: 1.Application: UPS, frequency converter, rectifier;

2.Rated capacitance and allowable deviation

3.Voltage: including rated voltage, working voltage, ripple voltage, etc. Aperiodic impulse voltage

4. Current: including current, working current, peak current, impulse current and so on

5. Frequency: including working frequency. Cbb65 air-conditioner capacitor, pulse frequency. Frequency of ripple voltage etc.

6. Workplace: such as fixed place, vehicle, ship, etc.,

7.Working environment: such as temperature range, humidity, altitude, etc.

8.Product size: such as diameter, height or length, width, etc. Height

9. Terminal type: such as bolt type, screw type, etc.

10. Safety requirements: such as flame-retardant, explosion-proof, etc.

11.Life expectancy: under given working conditions, life expectancy

12. Installation methods: such as the bottom bolt, central ring, installation ear and other


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