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How to Choose Capacitor Size More Accurately(IV)

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(4)The capacitor with high insulation resistance, low dielectric loss and low leakage current is preferred.

(5)The capacitors shall be selected according to the working environment of the capacitors. The performance parameters of capacitors are closely related to the conditions in which they are used. Therefore, when selecting capacitors, attention should be paid to:

 In high temperature environment capacitors with high working temperature should be chosen.

Sealing capacitors with good moisture resistance should be selected for working circuit in wet environment;

For capacitors used at low temperature, cold-resistant capacitors should be selected, which is particularly important for electrolytic capacitors.

Because ordinary electrolytic capacitors will freeze the electrolyte at low temperature and fail.

(6)When selecting capacitors, the requirements of installation site should be taken into account.

The shape of the capacitor has many kinds. The shape and pin size of the capacitor should be selected according to the actual situation.


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