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How temperature affects capacitors (I)

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Effect of temperature on Capacitor Life


In general, the life of the capacitor is shortened with the increase of temperature, especially for the electrolytic capacitor. An electrolytic capacitor with a limit operating temperature of 85 can guarantee a normal working time of 181019 hours under the condition of 20 . However, when working at the limit temperature of 85 , the normal working time of 2000 hours can only be guaranteed in general. It can be seen that temperature has a great impact on the life of capacitors. The working temperature of SHELCON electrolytic capacitors produced by Konesheng Electronics Co., Ltd. is -40-135 and high- temperature-resistance with a long life span of more than 10,000 hours, which is widely used in various industries!


The temperature is proportional to the loss of the capacitor.


Any capacitor has a loss angle tangent, which is the loss value. In general, the tangent value increases with the increase of temperature. For example, the dielectric capacitance of CC10 type high frequency porcelain is 0.0012 at about 20 , and at 85 . The tangent value is 0.0018, it can be seen that the influence of temperature on the loss of capacitance is still quite large.


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