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How are the Components in Switching Power Supply Checked?(II)

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1. First, determine whether the specifications, capacity, error, voltage resistance, temperature tolerance and error value of BOM single request are consistent with the incoming materials.   .

2. The actual measurement value of capacitance (measured by LCR METER) must be within the range of standard value ±error value.   .

3. The distance between the capacitive elicitor feet must be in accordance with the requirements of technical data.   .

4. The capacitance mark must be clear and complete, the paint must be clear, not contaminated, and the appearance must be intact.  .

5. The lead-tin alloy electroplating layer in the lead-tin alloy electroplating layer can not appear the oxidation sign such as the spot in the capacitor lead-tin alloy electroplating layer bright and consistent.   .

6. The distance between the capacitors leads to the foot is below 1MM, its banded arrangement must be uniform, must not have any uneven phenomenon.   .

7. Make sure that whether the measuring capacity (plug-in capacitance) is within the error range to determine whether the type and specification are correct.  

 A, electrolytic capacitance once appeared the phenomenon of skin dropping and wrapping wrong after wave peak welding.( 4.7UFR / 16V was wrongly wrapped into 47UF/16V 's leather), and the size of taenion capacitor was wrong, which resulted in too large volume of assembly.

B. Common plug-in capacitors are electrolytic capacitors, ceramic chip capacitors, metal film capacitors, Anchorage capacitors, taeniron capacitors, monolithic capacitors. The emphasis of checking plug-in capacitors is its type and specifications, and determine which one should be used before checking. Then measure the specifications (including volume, foot distance)to try to install when conditions permits according to the requirements


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