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Household air conditioning capacitors Introductions

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    The role of air-conditioning capacitors Introduction Capacitors are the key components to start air-conditioning motors, and now most of the air conditioning on the market are used capacitors for both start and run air conditioning. Damage to the capacitor will cause the compressor's starting current to rise too fast. Automatic protection mode is shut down or the compressor can not be started, causing the air conditioner to malfunction or automatically de-energize during startup. During the startup of the air conditioner, the capacitor acts as a conduction aid for the compressor to start up normally. How to identify the quality of air-conditioning capacitors on the market is quite a mixed bag, a variety of crude shoddy capacitors not only can not guarantee the normal use, but also in the course of the current will lead to excessive current air-conditioning caused irreparable damage. Here to share with you how to identify the quality of air-conditioning capacitors. You can test the capacity by using a multimeter to see whether the value is too large or too small, you can also use the test tube to test whether the two direct conduction, if the direct conduction to prove that the capacitor is bad. AC, DC circuit capacitance is generally smaller capacity more. Air conditioning capacitor works Air conditioning is mostly single-phase compressor in the process of starting need capacitor phase can start, the capacitor 220V at home operating voltage is easy to overload. The capacitor is good or bad directly related to whether the compressor can start normally, so the air conditioner can not start when the first capacitor should be checked, the capacitor damage is also more. So what is the principle of the capacitor? Capacitive induction motor has two windings, respectively, the start winding and run winding. A large capacity capacitor is connected in series with the starting winding. When the operating winding and the starting winding pass single-phase AC, the starting winding causes the starting winding current to be 90 degrees ahead of the operating winding in time due to the capacitor. When the magnetic field rotates, the motor generates induced current, which is related to the rotating magnetic field Interaction that makes the motor rotate, the above is the principle of the capacitor. Xiaobian believe that through today's introduction, we have a certain understanding of the role of air-conditioning capacitors and understanding, hoping to help the majority of maintenance personnel, hoping to be able to help everyone in the face of the capacitor-related problems.


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