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Frequency converter regular maintenance (1)

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Regular dust removal check fan inlet is blocked. Monthly cleaning air filter cooling duct and internal dust.

Regular inspection, should be carried out once a year: check screws, bolts and that is, plug-in, etc., whether the input-output reactor ground and phase resistance short-circuit phenomenon, normally should be more than tens of mega-ohs. Conductor and insulator whether there is corrosion, if there is a timely use of alcohol wipe clean. The stability of output voltage of switching power supply is measured, such as: 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, etc. Whether the contact of the contactor has fire trace or not, it is necessary to replace the contactor of the same type or larger than the original capacity seriously; confirm the correctness of the control voltage, carry on the sequential protection action test; confirm that the protection display circuit has no abnormal; Confirm the balance of the output voltage when the inverter is running separately.


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