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Fine- tuning capacitor

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A fine-tuned capacitor, also called a semi-adjustable capacitor, has a capacity of between 5 and 45 PF. There are many kinds of them, and the following is common:

1) Porcelain capacitor with fine-tuning: it is characterised by wear resistance and long service life.

2) Tube-type fine tuning capacitors: also called pull wire fine tuning capacitors for one-time use. Often used on radios.

3) Mica fine-tuning capacitors: small in size and commonly used in radios.

4) Barrel type fine-tuning capacitor: complicated structure and high precision.

5) Thin film dielectric fine-tuning capacitor: the same structure as mica fine-tuning capacitor, but different medium, smaller volume. We have dual products.

6) Special short-wave fine tuning capacitors: shortwave band specially used for radio, with a small range of 2.2pF, but a long life of more than 10000 times.


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