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Fault treatment of capacitors (5)

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    Capacitor housing is sealed. Generally internal media is not leakage. However, it is sometimes found that after the capacitor has been running for a period of time, a small amount of oil stains appear around the outlet terminal on the cover of the capacitor, which is due to the fact that the remaining media in the terminal and the gap in the cover have not been cleaned out and are diffused in the heat after the operation. Instead of leakage of internal media, capacitors can function normally; these grease stains will not appear again or be significantly reduced after they have been wiped out. If there is media accumulation or flow hanging in any part of the shell of the capacitor, then leakage is considered, and the temperature and expansion of the shell of the capacitor should be checked at this time, if the temperature exceeds 65 ℃ or the shell has obvious expansion, If the shell temperature and shape are normal and leakage, it needs to be repaired.


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