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Fault treatment of capacitors (4)

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    With the increase of operation time, the capacitance of low-voltage capacitor will decrease, and the average attenuation rate of capacitance in five years is less than 1 %/ year. Since the capacitance is directly proportional to the working current of the capacitor, during daily inspection, attention should be paid to observing the change of the working current of the capacitor; if the ammeter shows that the working current of the capacitor is obviously changing, All capacitors should be immediately subjected to separate current measurements (clamp gauge), and if it is found to be caused by a significant reduction in the current of some capacitors (by more than 30%) or an apparent imbalance in the three-phase current, the capacitors must be replaced; If the current reduction of all capacitors is more balanced and the cumulative current reduction has exceeded 20% of the total current, it is recommended that all capacitors be replaced so as not to be fined for insufficient compensation capacity.


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