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Fault treatment of capacitors (2)

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When the fast fuse core of the capacitor is fused, the core shall not be replaced until the cause is determined and the capacitor shall be forced to be put again. The power supply should be cut off and discharged first, and then external checks should be carried out: whether there are flashover marks on the outside of the insulation terminal, whether the shell is inflated or deformed, and whether there is a short circuit in the earthing device, etc. The insulation resistance between the output terminal and the earthing post of the shell can be detected by the rocker meter. If no fault is found, the core can be replaced and put into the capacitor. If the core is still fused after power transmission, it should withdraw from the faulty capacitor and consult or return to the factory for inspection. The remaining capacitors can continue to operate. If at the same time, the breaker also tripped, at this time must not be strong transmission, must wait until the above check, tripping reasons before the replacement of the core again.


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