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Enhance cooperation and promote industrial transformation and upgrading

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In May 8th 2017, Secretary General Chen Zhongyi, Chairman of the Organic Film Professional Committee, Wu Jianming, Vice President of Xiao Changzheng, Chairman of North Yuan Niu Fuquan and General Manager of Chen Jingqiu. Special trip to Beijing Tsinghua University Department of Electrical Machinery, Institute of High Voltage and Insulation Technology, Advanced Energy Electrical Materials and Systems Research Office to meet with Dr. Zhimin. How to increase the voltage and dielectric constant of the domestic capacitor film and adapt to the selection and application of the film capacitor in the field of new energy. And the research development of novel materials how to form industrial economic effects are discussed . Both sides are expected to exchange information, starting with the basic materials of capacitive membrane. Through industry-university-research cooperation, promote the transformation and upgrading of organic film industry.


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