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Effect of temperature on Capacitor(I)

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        (I)The influence of temperature on the service life of power capacitor

In general, the life of the capacitor is shortened with the increase of temperature, and the upper limit of the ambient temperature of the power capacitor is generally set at 40 ℃ according to the relevant operating conditions of the power capacitor.In China, the temperature in most areas is less than this temperature, so generally speaking, there is no need to use special facilities to cool the temperature. However, if there is a heat source near the power capacitor, it may cause the temperature to rise above 40 ℃. At this time, it is necessary to take appropriate measures to cool the capacitor, otherwise the capacitor must be cut off immediately.

There is also a lower limit for the ambient temperature of the capacitor, but it should be determined according to the dielectric type and properties of the capacitor.

(II)Temperature is proportional to the loss of capacitance.

Any capacitor has a loss angle tangent, also called the loss value. In general, the tangent value increases with the increase of temperature. For example, , the dielectric loss of CKKB power capacitors is less than 0.2 W / Kvar under 20 ℃.


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