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Development trend of Chip Capacitor

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In order to meet the trend of miniaturization large capacity high reliability and low cost of electronic machine.

Multilayer chip capacitor also develops rapidly: variety increases ceaselessly volume shrinks ceaselessly performance unceasingly improve technology unceasing progress material constantly update. thin short series products have tended to standardize and standardize.

The application of gradually infiltrated and developed from consumer equipment to investment equipment.

Mobile communication devices are widely used chip components.

Chip capacitor has many advantages such as large capacity small size easy chip processing etc. It is one of the most popular components used in communication equipment computer cards and household appliances remote controller nowadays.

With the rapid development of SMT, its dosage becomes larger and larger, only 200 per mobile phone usage are more than 200.

Therefore, 400 billion pieces of multilayer ceramic capacitors were produced worldwide in 2002, with minimum sizes of 0402 or 0201.

With the rapid development of electronic information industry in the world, the development direction of chip capacitance is diversified.

(1) In order to adapt to the requirement of portable communication tools chip multilayer capacitors are also developing towards low voltage large capacity ultra small ultra thin direction.

(2) In order to adapt to some electronic equipment and electronic equipment to high power voltage direction (military communication equipment mostly).

High voltage high voltage high power high power high voltage high voltage high voltage ESR type capacitor is also an important development direction nowadays.

(3) In order to adapt to the requirement of high integration of lines, multi-functional composite chip capacitors (LTCC) are becoming hot topics in technology research.


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