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Development trend of Capacitor applications (II)

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Lots of theoretical researches and practices indicate that high speed circuits must be designed according to high frequency circuit.

Capacitors used in high speed high density PCB require high frequency performance and small occupancy space.

There are parasitic parameters in actual capacitors.

Parasitic parameters are particularly important for capacitors used in high speed high density PCB. Many considerations are based on reducing parasitic parameters.

However, research shows that when capacitors are used in high frequency. Self resonant frequency is not only related to their parasitic inductance.

Moreover parasitic inductance on PCB holes capacitor and other components such as chip are connected with parasitic inductance etc.

If you don't notice this, checking data or estimating self resonant frequencies yourself may be far from actual situations.

Moreover when applying high frequency applications skin effect and distribution parameters make the resistance of connecting wires increase obviously which is equivalent to partial capacitor equivalent series resistance which should be considered together.


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