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Details that can not be ignored in the selection of monolithic capacitors

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The first detail to consider is the nominal capacitance (C R). The capacitance value marked by a monolithic capacitor product.

The second is rated voltage (U R). At any temperature between the lower class temperature and the rated temperature, the RMS or the peak pulse voltage of the DC or AC voltage may be continuously applied to the monolithic capacitor. The effect of corona should be paid attention to when monolithic capacitor is applied in high voltage field.

In addition to the category of temperature range. The range of ambient temperature for continuous operation determined by the design of monolithic capacitors. The range depends on the temperature limit of its corresponding category, such as the upper temperature category, the lower limit temperature, the rated temperature (the maximum ambient temperature at which the rated voltage can be continuously applied), and so on. In the design of the circuit, the temperature range should be considered. For example, the electrolytic capacitance in the power supply will lose its filtering function when it is below its operating temperature, which is equivalent to open circuit.

Pay attention to the detailed selection of capacitor parameters, you can ensure the accuracy of capacitance selection. For monolithic capacitance, its model is the majority, and to select the appropriate capacitance, must ensure that the parameters can be correct.


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