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Description of the function of varistor protection(II)

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    Third, the function of holding solder with low melting point by spring. This function is a technique used by most of the current surge protectors of the surge arrester manufacturer to add a low melting point solder welding joint to the pin of the varistor, and then hold the welding point with a spring. When the leakage current of the varistor is too large and the temperature rises to the bearing range, the solder melting of the welding joint is quickly dispersed under the action of the spring, thus removing the varistor from the circuit and simultaneously moving the alarm tactile area. Issue a warning light.

    IV. Filling and sealing function. In order to avoid the high temperature, smoke, combustion and even some manufacturers choose this function to fill the varistor, but because the resistor will pull the arc in the invalid time, the sealing material will fail and form carbon, The formation of carbon in turn allows the arc to be maintained, which usually results in a short circuit and blackening inside the equipment, and even a heavy blackening of the entire configuration room.


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