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Description of aluminum electrolytic capacitor.

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A thin oxide film is used as a dielectric capacitor and is sandwiched between two pieces of aluminum foil sandwiched between sheets of water-absorbent paper impregnated with a paste electrolyte. Since the oxide film has a unidirectional conductive property, the electrolytic capacitor has polarity.

Large capacity, can withstand large ripple current.

Large capacity error, leakage current; general not suitable for high frequency and low temperature applications, should not be used in more than 25kHz frequency.

Low frequency bypass, signal coupling, power filter.

Tantalum electrolytic capacitors

Use sintered tantalum as anode and electrolyte as solid manganese dioxide.

Temperature characteristics, frequency characteristics and reliability are superior to ordinary electrolytic capacitors, especially the leakage current is very small, good storage, long life, small capacity error, and small size, can get the largest capacitor voltage product per unit volume.

Impulsive current tolerance is poor, if the damage is easy to short-circuit state.

Ultra-small high-reliability parts.


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