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Correct use of high voltage ceramic chip capacitance to reduce hidden trouble

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High voltage ceramic chip capacitance has many advantages, and its capacity loss has high stability with temperature and frequency. And is a special series structure suitable for high voltage pole long-term reliability. And it is high current climbing rate and suitable for large current loop senseless structure. For such capacitors with many advantages, if they are not used properly, they will lead to various hidden dangers.

High voltage ceramic chip capacitors are used in RF circuits and the capacitors working in strong current environment for a long time will overheat, especially the reel in the center of the capacitor. Even if the external environment temperature is low, but these heat can not be released in time, the concentration in the internal may quickly lead to high internal heat and lead to capacitance damage. If one of the capacitors working in a high-energy environment fails and the current is suddenly cut off, the energy stored in the other capacitors will flow to the faulty capacitance, which may cause a violent explosion.

Moreover, high voltage capacitors can cause catastrophic damage when operating beyond their nominal voltage. Failure of insulating materials may result in electrical arcs in small units filled with oil, which often act as an air insulator, resulting in evaporation of insulating liquids, causing capacitance to protrude, rupture or even explosion, and damage to nearby equipment. Hard packed cylindrical glass or plastic capacitors are more likely to burst than cuboid capacitors, which are not easily cracked at high pressure.


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