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Considerations for input and exit of High Voltage Capacitors

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Under a normal condition, the operation and exit of the HV capacitor need to be determined according to the reactive power flow of the system, the power factor of the load or the voltage and so on. For example, if the power factor of the circuit is lower than 0.85, the power factor of the high-voltage capacitor must be greater than or equal to 0.95, and a rising trend is required. High voltage capacitor banks should be withdrawn from operation; when the system voltage is low, it can also be put into high voltage capacitor banks.

In some working or environmental conditions require a high voltage capacitor timely exit operation, such as when the use of environmental temperature exceeding 40 degrees Celsius, then need to strengthen the working environment ventilation effect. For example, when the voltage of the busbar connected by the high-voltage capacitor exceeds 1.1 times of the rated voltage of the capacitor or the current of the capacitor exceeds 1.3 times of its rated current, the high-voltage capacitor also needs to stop running in time.

In addition to the above, some unexpected accidents need to be timely high-voltage capacitor out of operation:

A. Capacitor fire, explosion.

B. Serious discharge and flashover of porcelain casing.

C, contact severely overheated or melted.

D. Serious abnormal sound from the inside of the capacitor or discharge equipment and expansion of the shell of the high-voltage capacitor before the use of the high-voltage capacitor, it is necessary to inspect it, and the capacitor shall operate at rated current, And the current should not exceed 1.3 times the rating, otherwise, when the operation is stopped. There is whether the capacitor shell expansion, oil leakage and other phenomena, whether there is heat inside the capacitor, if the above situation, should be dealt with in time.


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