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Common faults in operation of high voltage capacitor banks

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4)Oil leakage

Reasons: improper handling, the porcelain casing and shell contact place cracks or porcelain casing cracks, bruising; Improper installation, screw tightening, the force is too fierce, resulting in welding damage; There are cracks in the quality of the components. After putting into use, the temperature changes and the internal pressure increases, which results in or exacerbates the leakage. Improper maintenance, lacquer skin falling off, rust caused leakage; The handling should strengthen the maintenance, pay attention to adjust the temperature of the capacitor in operation or replace the new equipment; Ceramic bottle surface creeping, flashover:

The reason is that the surface is filthy and easy to occur under the influence of bad weather and overvoltage inside and outside; it should be cleaned frequently to keep the surface clean; and antifouling measures should be taken in areas with serious pollution.

5)Abdominal distension

Reasons: overrun or quality problems during use; internal partial discharge or overvoltage, overcurrent;

Treatment: inspection should be strengthened to find that abdominal distension should be used under pressure or out of replacement


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