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Classification of single-phase asynchronous capacitive motors

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    Third, his principle is that he has both the main winding, the auxiliary winding, the centrifugal switch, the auxiliary winding working with the main winding, and the kind of thing that is said to work, but what if the startup performance drops? They use a centrifugal switch, which is a double throw switch, so that when you start up, you start with a series of large capacitors [commonly known as start-up capacitors] (we also know that the larger the capacitance capacity, the greater the phase shift current, the better the startup performance. So this kind of motor, when the motor is at low speed, is incorporated into the use of a large capacitance, which usually provides more current than the rated current of the winding, which is driven by such a high current. The rotating magnetic field is very strong, thus driving the rotor high button moment output to rotate. But after startup, in order to avoid the disadvantages of the second kind of motor, the centrifugal switch was centrifuged to another contact. And then incorporate a smaller capacitance [commonly known as a running capacitance], so that the auxiliary winding is still working, but the current is smaller than the starting time, so that the motor has both a class and a second class of advantages. The motor is now widely used in single-phase power systems, and it is really good.

    You can go to places where you can sell cutting machines and air compressors (but many of the cylinders now seem to use type II motors for low cost, and those above the double cylinder are almost all of them). There are two metal boxes on the motor, each of which is loaded with a capacitor, and one of them is the starting capacitor (large capacity) and the other is the operating capacitance (small capacity), which is about that, and the centrifugal switch is in the second category. Only connecting and breaking auxiliary windings (also known as start-up windings) and the connection between capacitors and circuits, while in the third type of motor, it controls whether the capacitors used in auxiliary windings are large capacity or small capacity.


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