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Classification of single-phase asynchronous capacitive motors (I)

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    At present, there are three main categories of single-phase asynchronous capacitive motors

    One is a non-centrifugal switch, a single-capacitor phase-shifting type, such as an electric fan, which is usually used on a small motor.

    In the second category, there are centrifugal switches, single-capacitor phase-shifting starting devices, such as some fans, but for various reasons, this kind of motor seems to be getting fewer and fewer. But in some special places, he does exist. The third category, which has centrifugal switches, dual capacitors and dual value phase shifting, is currently most common in many places, such as air compressors, cutting machines, table drillers, and so on. First of all, simply speaking, because of this design, the start button moment is not suitable for high-load equipment, such as air compressors to start these require a very large button moment, this is not competent. The second type, which was designed before, has higher startup performance than the former, but it is only suitable for stable operation after startup, because its auxiliary winding is used as a starting device, and after startup it completely depends on the rotating magnetic field of the main winding. There is no such thing as commutation, because the capacitors and auxiliary windings are no longer working through centrifugal switches and separations after the motor has reached a speed, and the fatal disadvantage of the motor is that, Once you bring some high-load equipment, such as air compressors, you often slow down and then start up again through the auxiliary windings. So it's really not suitable for many places. Usually, it's only used in places like fans and so on. But it has been replaced by the kind of motor that is described in the third category.


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