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Characteristics of various capacitors

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1. Polyester (polyester) capacitors CLL).

Capacitance: 40p-4u.

Rated voltage: 63-630V.

Main features: small volume, large capacity, heat and moisture resistance, poor stability.

Applications: low frequency circuits with low requirements for stability and loss.

2. Polystyrene capacitors (CBs).

Capacitance: 10p-1u.

Rated voltage: 100V -30KV.

Main features: stable, low loss, large volume.

Applications: circuits that require higher stability and loss.

3. Polypropylene capacitor CBB).

Capacitance: 1000p-10u.

Rated voltage: 63-2000V.

Main characteristics: the performance is similar to polystyrene but small in volume and slightly poor in stability.

Application: to replace most polystyrene or mica capacitors for more demanding circuits.

4. Mica capacitor CYL).

Capacitance: 10p-0.1u.

Rated voltage: 100 V -7 kV.

Main features: high stability, high reliability, low temperature coefficient.

Applications: high frequency oscillation, pulse and other high demand circuits


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