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Characteristics of various capacitors(II)

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5. High frequency ceramic dielectric capacitance (CCC).

Capacitance: 1-6800p.

Rated voltage: 63-500V.

Main features: low loss at high frequency and good stability.

Applications: high frequency circuits.

6. Low frequency ceramic dielectric capacitance (CTT).

Capacitance: 10p-4.7u.

Rated voltage: 50V -100V.

Main features: small size, low price, large loss and poor stability.

Application: low frequency circuit with low requirement.

7. Glass glaze capacitance.

Capacitance: 10p-0.1u.

Rated voltage: 63-400V.

Main features: good stability, small loss, high temperature tolerance of 200 degrees).

Applications: pulse, coupling, bypass circuit, etc.

8. Variable air dielectric capacitors.

Variable capacitance: 100--1500p.

Main features: low loss, high efficiency, straight line, straight wavelength, linear frequency and logarithmic, etc.

Applications: electronic instruments, radio and television equipment, etc.


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