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Characteristics and testing methods of Polyester Capacitance

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Polyester capacitor is also one of the indispensable electronic components in electronic products, which acts as filter, oscillation, power decoupling, pulse signal bypass and coupling in the circuit. The simplest structure of the polyester capacitor can be made up of two metal plates with a layer of insulating medium between them. By adding a voltage between two metal plates (plates), the plate can store the charge,which are directly proportional to the voltage between the plates and inversely proportional to the distance between the plates and the area (capacity) of the plates. Lets learn about the characteristics and testing methods of polyester capacitor.

The characteristics of polyester capacitor are as follows:

1. Small and light.

2. Good stability and high reliability.

3.The lead wire is welded directly to the electrode, and the loss is small.

4. Sensitive structure, polyester film, epoxy resin coating.


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