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Causes of High Voltage Capacitance damage in Summer(II)

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The second reason is: the overcurrent caused by the separation harmonics of the power network

Harmonic current is also one of the biggest "killers" causing damage to high-voltage capacitors. In the daily operation process, when the harmonic current flows into the capacitor, it will be superimposed on several waves of current of the high-voltage capacitor, which makes the running current increase. At the same time, it will increase the effective value of the peak voltage on the fundamental voltage of the high voltage capacitor. If capacitive reactance of capacitors and system reactance are matched, overcurrent and overvoltage will be produced due to the amplification of high order harmonics, which will cause partial discharge of internal insulating dielectric of capacitors and make the capacitors produce faults such as blooming, fuse burst and so on.


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