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Capacitors with Different Sizes and Capacitances

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The two metal phrases with close shells separated by materials the in the center, is a capacitor. The two electrodes are made up of active substances and electrics maintained for electrification, which are called polar plates. What's in the center is his carrier. Capacitors are also divided into fixed capacity and variable capacity. What we usually see is the constant capacitance, most of which are ceramic capacitance and electrolytic capacitance, but the difference of charge storage capacity is also slightly different.

Small capacitors are often used in high-frequency circuits, such as headphones, fax machines and transmitters. Capacitors with large capacitance are usually used to suppress and prevent interference and to store charges.And another trait is that capacitors above 1000nf are usually electrolytic capacitors, while capacitors below 1000nf are mostly ceramic capacitors, although there are other capacitors as well. Such as CBB capacitors, X capacitors and other small capacitors. The electrolytic capacitor has a shell with plenty of electrolytes inside and two electrodes as positive and negative electrodes. What is different from other capacitors is that their polarity in the circuit should not be misconnected. And the other capacitors have no polarity.


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