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Capacitors should be properly protected

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Capacitors should be properly protected, such as balanced or differential relay protection or the use of instantaneous overcurrent relay protection, motor capacitance, for 3.15kV and above capacitors, each capacitor must be equipped with a separate fuse, fuse The rated current of the fuse should be selected according to the characteristics of the fuse and the inrush current at the time of switching in, generally 1.5 times the rated current of the capacitor is appropriate to prevent the explosion of the capacitor tank.

       In addition to the forms of protection indicated above, the following types of protection are also available where necessary:

       ① If the voltage increase is frequent and long, the motor capacitance in Anhui, to take measures to make the voltage does not exceed 1.1 times the rated voltage.

       ② with the appropriate current automatic switch to protect the current increase does not exceed 1.3 times the rated current.

       ③ If the capacitor is connected with the overhead line, the appropriate surge arrester can be used for atmospheric over-voltage protection.

       ④ In high-voltage network, short-circuit current exceeds 20A, and short-circuit current protection device or fuse can not be reliably protected against short circuit to AC motor capacitor procurement, you should use single-phase short circuit protection device.


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