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Capacitor installation rules

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1) Second-hand capacitors can no longer be used, but can be unloaded as periodic checks to test electrical performance;

2) if the capacitor is stored at atmosphere with temperature more than 35 ℃ and humidity greater than 70%, the leakage current may rise, and the rated voltage can be applied through a resistor of about 1k Ω before use;

3) if the capacitor has been charged, discharge with a resistor of about 1k Ω before use;

4) do not use capacitors dropped on the ground;

5) confirm the rated capacity, voltage and polarity of the capacitor before installation;

6) do not use deformed capacitors;

7) the positive and negative lead spacing of the capacitor should be consistent with the position of the welding hole in the PCB plate. If the capacitor is forcibly inserted into the circuit board with unmatched hole spacing, there will be stress acting on the lead wire, it will cause the capacitor to short circuit or increase the leakage current.

8) insert the capacitor pin or pin into the PCB board during installation until the bottom of the capacitor is attached to the surface of the PCB plate;

9) do not apply mechanical pressure more than specified . When the pull force is applied to the capacitor outlet line, the pull force will act on the interior of the capacitor , which will cause internal short circuit open circuit or leakage current rising of the capacitor. Does not shake the capacitor strongly when the capacitor is soldered to the circuit board.


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