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Capacitor formula capacitance calculation formula

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Capacitor formula capacitance

 calculation formula



Special formula for parallel plate capacitors: interplate electric field intensity E U / d, capacitor capacitance determinant C = ε S / 4 π kd

The capacitance of parallel plate capacitor, theoretical and experimental results show that the capacitance C of parallel plate capacitor is proportional to the dielectric constant ε, inversely proportional to the positive opposite area, and the distance d between the root plates is inversely proportional to C = ε S / 4 π kd, where k is a static electric constant. The dielectric constant ε is determined by the medium between the two plates!


And the π in this formula is the circumference π = 3.141592653589 …

The calculation formula of capacitance

If it's a textbook calculation, it's simple:


Q is the charge stored in the plate of the capacitor (K) U is the voltage at both ends of the capacitor and V) C is the capacitance F)

If the starting capacitance of the motor is calculated, the simple calculation of the capacitance of the single-phase capacitive motor is carried out.


The k current coefficient of 0.5 0. 7 P motor rated power / W) f power supply frequency of 50) U) V)

U'capacitor rated voltage, generally 400V cos φ power factor


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