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Capacitor detection skills 3

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Detection of electrolytic capacitors


A .Because the capacity of electrolytic capacitance is much larger than that of ordinary fixed capacitance, therefore, when measuring, we should choose suitable measuring range for different capacity. According to the experience, the capacitance between 47 μ F and 47 μ F can be measured by R ×1k shift and R × 100 block when the capacitance is larger than 47 μ F.


B .For electrolytic capacitors with unknown positive and negative electrode marks, the method mentioned above can be used to identify the leakage resistance. That just says, first measure the leakage resistance arbitrarily, remember its size, and then exchange the pen to measure a resistance value. In the two measurements, the one with high resistance value is the forward connection method, that is, the black meter pen is connected with the positive pole, and the red meter pen is connected with the negative pole.


C. Can estimate the capacity of the electrolytic capacitance by using multimeter electric barrier and the method of charging the electrolytic capacitance forward and backward. According to the magnitude of the correct swing of the pointer, the capacity of the electrolytic capacitance can be estimated.


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