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Capacitor Industry Innovation and Development Seminar held in Science and Innovation Center in Wenling City

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In order to further promote the transformation and upgrading of thin film capacitor enterprises in Wenling City, on March 25th, the Symposium on Innovation and Development of Capacitor Industry in Wenling City was successfully held in Kechuang Center of Wenling City. Chen Zhongyi, Secretary General of Capacitor Branch of China Electronic Components Industry Association and Pan Danan, consultant of Capacitor Branch of China Electronic Components Industry Association. Wu Jianming, Vice Chairman of Capacitor Branch of China Electronic Components Industry Association, and other experts. Give advice to the capacitor industrial structure, product technology upgrading and additional aspects for Wenling enterprises . More than 60 people attended the seminar, including Lin Wenbin, deputy director of the Bureau of Science and Technology of Wenling City, Chen Chao, director of the Industrial Development Office of Daxi Town, and leaders of enterprises as well as the technical backbone.






At the seminar, Chen Zhongyi the Secretary General from a macro perspective  gave a detailed introduction about  the development of the film capacitor industry in the 12th Five-Year Plan, the 13th Five-Year Plan, and the development trend of capacitors in the next five years, and combined with his own experience. Based on the analysis of the problems and causes of capacitor market, this paper introduces the problems that need to be grasped in the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.







In the interactive exchange with enterprises, experts and business leaders on the importance of technological upgrading and the direction of development, enterprises to increase the quality and efficiency of the ways to conduct in-depth exchanges. Secretary General Chen suggested the establishment of a qualified film inspection center and research and development center in Wenling through government leadership and corporate sponsorship, and called for the establishment of the Wenling Capacitor Industry Association. Huang Mengen, senior engineer of the China Electronic Association, suggested that the government should train leading enterprises, lead the development direction of the industry, and promote the progress and growth of capacitor industry enterprises. Xiao Changzheng, Director of capacitor branch of China Electronic Components Industry Association, mentioned that enterprises should carry forward the spirit of the craftsman, adopt quality orientation and technical orientation, develop good habits, break through traditional thinking, and do fine work on existing products.

Finally, Deputy Director Lin Wenbin said that ideas determine ideas, ideas determine the way out, hope through this seminar can help enterprises to update their ideas, clear ideas, broaden the way out. At the same time, the government set up a science center for enterprises, private enterprise service center to help enterprises solve the problems of talent, technology and funds, hope that enterprises make good use of these platforms, and strive to make enterprises bigger and stronger.





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