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Calculation method for the Capacitor of porcelain Chip 104

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Ceramic chip capacitor is divided into high frequency porcelain and low frequency porcelain two kinds. A capacitor with a small positive capacitor temperature coefficient used in high stability oscillating circuits as a loop capacitor and a pad capacitor. Low-frequency ceramic capacitors are limited to bypass or direct current use in circuits with lower operating frequency, or for occasions where stability and loss are not high (including high frequency). These capacitors are not suitable for use in pulse circuits because they are easily breakdown by pulse voltages.

The identification method of ceramic chip capacitor: the identification method of capacitance is basically the same as that of resistance, which is divided into three kinds: direct standard method, color standard method and number scale method. In the international unit system, the unit of capacitance is the Farah, the abbreviation is the method, and the symbol is F.Because the unit of Farah is too large, the commonly used units of capacitance are the nanogram mF), the micrometer (μ F), the nafa n F, and the pictophore. The conversion relationship is as follows:

1 Faradin FU = 1000 mFU 1000000 micromethod (μ F).

1 micromethod (μ FU = 1000 nanofaphane FN = 1000000 pipetaphane).

The method of calculating the capacitance of ceramic chip 104 is 0.1 UFF, and the method of calculating the capacitor of ceramic chip 104 is: 0.1 UFF 100NF100000 PFN 104.


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