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CBB65 air conditioning capacitor (also known as: oil capacitor)

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product description:

The capacitor uses thickening of the edge of the metal zinc aluminum film as the electrode and medium. The film is wound by a winder and loaded into an aluminum housing. Then fill the housing with high purity

Castor oil keeps it in a vacuum and can make the product resistant to high temperatures. This product better performance, longer life expectancy. This product also uses the second generation of mechanical defense

Explosion-proof design as a means of explosion, which product performance has great promise and promotion.

Explosion-proof principle: commonly referred to as explosion-proof we referred to as - differential pressure explosion-proof.

    When the degree of insulation of a certain component of the capacitor drops, it will inevitably produce abnormal heat, the internal pressure increases, so that the capacitor shell deformation, expansion, the mechanical displacement of the rupture disk

(Line) pulled off. Since the power supply is connected to the capacitor element via the rupture disk, the rupture disk opens equaling the power supply disconnect, leaving the circuit open. Its explosion-proof effect

Determined by the design of the rupture disk, the installation location and the sealing of the capacitor.


The main purpose:

1. For the exchange of thought of the system, the assembly of power factor automatic compensation cabinet, local compensation devices and UPS power supply.

2. For 50Hz AC power supply single-phase motor start and running, continuous work.

3. Suitable for underground coal mine, railway, aerospace and other places with high safety requirements.


1. Cylindrical metal aluminum shell, small size, light weight.

2. Excellent electrical properties, low loss, with good self-healing (SH) features.

3. Internal pressure explosion-proof device, the use of safe and reliable.

Third-party product certification: CQC (domestic market certification); UL (US market certification); VDE (European country certification)


Executive Standard: GB / T3667-2005

Climate Category: 40/70/21 or 40/85/21

Capacity deviation: ± 5%

Insulation resistance: ≥3000S (MΩ? F)

Loss tangent: tgδ ≤ 0.002 (50Hz ~ 100Hz)


Elevation: ≤2000m

Remaining voltage at input: not more than 10% of the rated voltage

The maximum allowable voltage: not more than 1.1 times the rated voltage

The maximum allowable current: not more than 1.3 times the rated current

After-sales service: product warranty for three years, any company or individual within three years from the date of purchase, our commitment to product quality.

Note: 1, other capacity, size series can be agreed upon by the user. 2, lead-out form can be made according to user agreement requirements.


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