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CBB65 AC Motor Capacitor Specification

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The capacitor uses thickening of the edge of the metal zinc aluminum film as the electrode and medium. The film is wound by a winder and loaded into an aluminum housing. The shell is then filled with high-purity castor oil to keep it under vacuum and to keep the product hot. This product better performance, longer life expectancy. This product also uses the second generation of mechanical explosion-proof design as a means of explosion-proof, so the product's performance is guaranteed and enhanced. The company is located in:

Scope of application:

Widely used in household air conditioners and other frequency 50Hz / 60Hz AC power supply of single-phase motor start and run; and high-power lighting power factor compensation

■ technical specifications

· Implementation of standards: GB / T3667-2005

· Climate categories: 40/70/21 or 40/85/21

· Capacity deviation: ± 5%

Insulation resistance: 3000S (MΩ · μF)

· Loss tangent: tgδ ≤ 0.002 (50Hz ~ 100Hz)

use requirements:

· Elevation: 2000m

Remaining voltage at input: no more than 10% of rated voltage

· The maximum allowable voltage: not more than 1.1 times the rated voltage

· The maximum allowable current: not more than 1.3 times the rated current


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