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Basic performance of capacitors

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    The basic electrical properties of capacitors 1.the capacitance: Capacitor capacitor charge stored on the board's ability. Taking a parallel plate capacitor as an example: C = ε.S / 4πd where C is μF, S is the area of the electrode in cm, d is the thickness of the medium in cm, and ε is the dielectric constant. 1F = 103mF = 106μF = 109nF = 1012pF capacitor priority bias series: ± 5%, ± 10%, ± 20%, my company AC capacitor is ± 5%. Polypropylene capacitor is a negative temperature coefficient, the higher the temperature in a certain range, the lower the capacitance. 2, extreme pressure: Capacitor dielectric anti-voltage capability. The thicker the film is, the stronger its anti-voltage capability is. The design pressure value of the film per μm thickness in the general design is about 60VAC. Finished product testing my company to perform 2Un, GB is 1.75Un. 3, pole shell voltage; capacitor voltage between the poles and the shell between the ability. The main characterization of the safety performance of capacitors, my company for the implementation of 3000VAC, GB 2Un + 1000VAC but not less than 2000VAC. 4, between the pole insulation: the main characterization of the insulation between the poles of the capacitor. With the relative value of MΩ * μF said. My company requires more than 3000S. 5, loss under the effect of applied voltage, the energy consumed per unit time due to fever. And the test frequency, the higher the test frequency loss greater. It is a measure of the merits of capacitor quality is an important indicator. The larger the loss, the more serious the heat is, indicating that the capacitor is less efficient at transferring energy. Under extreme conditions, there is the risk of capacitor breakdown. The higher the frequency of use, the greater the danger. tgδ = P0 / P Where P-reactive power; P0-active power. Air conditioning has become an indispensable necessity in people's life. With the popularization of air conditioners, the range of use has been expanded, and various types of air conditioning failures have also been increasing.


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