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Application and Function of Capacitors(II)

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In electronic circuits, capacitors are used to block DC by alternating current, to store and release charges to act as filters, and to smooth out pulsating signals. A small capacitance, usually used in high-frequency circuits, such as radios, transmitters, and oscillators. Large capacity capacitors are often used for filtering and storing charges. And there is also a feature, generally more than 1 μ F capacitors are electrolytic capacitors, and less than 1 μ F capacitors are mostly ceramic capacitors, of course, there are other, such as monolithic capacitors, polyester capacitors, small capacity mica capacitance and so on.

Connect the two electrodes of the capacitor to the positive and negative electrodes of the power supply, and after a while, even if the power supply is disconnected, there will still be a residual voltage between the two pins. The process of building up voltage between the plates of capacitors and accumulating electricity is called charging of capacitors. The charged capacitor has a certain voltage at both ends. The process by which the charge stored in a capacitor is released into the circuit is called the discharge of a capacitor. After reading this article, I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the three words capacitor.


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