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Anhui Safe Electronics Co., Ltd .is moving towards a bigger goal

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    With the rapid growth of the capacitor industry, China has become a major producer and exporter of capacitors in the world, which meets the need of domestic development and export. The old state-owned enterprises in the capacitor industry have shown a good trend of development through restructuring, new product development capacity enhanced, fan capacitance, product market benefits increased, economic benefits increased. And has entered the ranks of electronic components of the top 100 enterprises. Under the support and guidance of national policies, collective and township enterprises have become the main force of capacitors and the capacitors of industrial exhaust fans. Guangdong Fenghua, Chaozhou third Ring, Xiamen Falla and other enterprises are China's top 100 electronic components in 2012, most of which have successfully listed at home and abroad. Many foreign-funded enterprises have become the main force of capacitor export, refrigerator fan capacitor, with the deepening of foreign economic system reform and trade and investment facilitation, many foreign-funded enterprises have set up factories in China. In order to improve the technical level of Chinese capacitors and international market share to make contributions.


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