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Analysis of Capacitor failure-Open Circuit (II)

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    Why is the new capacitor short life, the old capacitor life is long. Now the specified life of capacitance is how many years? Why some capacitors don't work for 30-40 years:


     This has a lot to do with the use of capacitors. It's not the reason why new capacitors have a short life, why old capacitors have a long life, and electrolytic capacitors have a service life problem. Generally speaking, at rated voltages, The service life at rated temperature is shorter than that at normal temperature. At present, the longest service life of electrolytic capacitance is 120000 hours (durability experiment).


3 long service life or long storage life of capacitors, how to prolong the life of capacitors.


      This is not comparable, the service life of the capacitor depends on the environment you use, for example, the CD110 used on the TV may be broken, but the capacitor is still good. Generally speaking, the capacitor is kept. According to the previous ministerial standards: capacitors are seasoned once every 3 months and have a storage life of 1 year. However, according to the current technology of various capacitor manufacturers, electrolytic capacitors can be aged once a year and stored for 3 years. Methods of prolonging capacitors: try to use them at room temperature, peak voltage should not exceed rated voltage, etc.


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