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An algorithm for Type selection of Self-Resonance Frequency Capacitors(II)

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Through the concrete analysis of Flat Response algorithm and Decade Methods algorithm, we can find that these two algorithms have several shortcomings:


1) the choice of the algorithm is limited to a great extent by the capacitive types of the capacitors provided. If enough capacity is given and the entire design frequency range is covered, you can try either method; however, if the given capacity is small or unevenly distributed, you may not be able to satisfy each order of magnitude distribution of three, Or a request for value.

2) Both algorithms have a precondition that the ESL and mounting inductance of all capacitors are equal. This makes these algorithms not suitable for capacitor capacity selection in practical design.In practical applications, there may be cases in which multiple capacitors with the same capacity and different packages are used at the same time, and the two algorithms can only use them as a capacitive capacitor. The function of these capacitors cannot be played at the same time. In order to give full play to the function of the capacitors provided, these algorithms are optimized in this paper

3) First of all, according to the actual supply of capacitors, the maximum value of the kind available in the design is estimated, and then the maximum category is used to determine flexibly the combination of capacity values that should be selected.                

   Both the Flat Response algorithm and the Decade Methods algorithm follow one principle: the proportional relationship between the two adjacent volume values is determined, and in the logarithmic coordinates in the frequency domain, their self-resonant frequencies are equally spaced. Formula 5) indicates that the types of capacitors selected must be sufficient to ensure that the self-resonant frequency of these capacitors can cover the entire range of frequencies that need to be designed.


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