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Air conditioning capacitor insertion method

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Air conditioning capacitor insertion method is not fastidious, as long as the two ends of the corresponding two phases of the motor can be added.

1. Ac electrolytic capacitor or polypropylene, polyester capacitor used to start single phase asynchronous motor.

2. Capacitive induction motor has two windings, starting winding and running winding. The space difference between the two windings is 9 degrees. A capacitor of large capacity is related to the starting winding when the running winding and the starting winding pass through the single phase alternating current. Because of the action of capacitor, the current in the starting winding is 90 degrees ahead of the current in the running winding in time, and the Max value is reached first. Two identical pulsed magnetic fields are created in time and space, resulting in a rotating magnetic field between the stator and the rotor. Under the action of the rotating magnetic field, the inductive current is produced in the rotor of the motor. The interaction between the current and the rotating magnetic field produces the torque of the electromagnetic field, which makes the motor rotation.


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