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Advantages of thin film capacitors(III)

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6) When ESR is low,the strong ripple current resistance of thin film capacitors larger than 200mA/ μ F, electrolytic capacitance through ripple current capacity is 20mA/ μ F, this feature can greatly reduce the capacity needed in the system. Domestic manufacturers such as Xiamen Fara's main products are currently 0.4-0.5m Ω, ripple current values from dozens of amperes to hundreds of amperes.

7) The design of low inductance of low ESL inverter requires very low inductance of its main component DC-Link capacitor. By integrating the busbar into the capacitor module, the high performance DC-Link DC filter thin film capacitor can reduce its self-inductance to (< 30nHN), which greatly reduces the oscillation effect at the necessary switching frequency. Therefore, the absorption capacitors connected in parallel to the DC-Link capacitors are often omitted, and the capacitor electrodes are connected directly to the IGBT.

8) the ability of resisting surge current is strong enough to withstand the instantaneous high current. The technology of wave cutting and thickening of capacitive coating can improve the temperature of surge current and the ability of mechanical impact. .

9) the long service life of the film determines the long life of the film capacitor, especially under the rated voltage and rated service temperature, the service life is more than 100000 hours; If the average standard is 30 km / h, it could have a lifetime of 4, 500 km / m, and the lifetime of the capacitor is sufficient for the mileage of the car.


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