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Advantages of thin film capacitors(I)

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The technical advantage of film capacitor is that the early DC support membrane capacitors are electrolytic capacitors, especially the base film self technology development and metallization technology using split technology appeared,which not only makes the volume of thin film capacitance smaller and smaller, but also keeps the voltage level of the product at a considerable level. Now more and more companies adopt high temperature polypropylene film capacitor as DC supporting capacitor, a typical example is the improvement of Toyota's PRIUS model. The typical representatives of domestic car enterprises are BYD F3DM and E6, both of which use thin film capacitors as DC supporting capacitors. The primary filter capacitor used by Toyota Prius was electrolytic capacitor; from the second generation, thin-film filter capacitor bank was used.

At present, most of the film capacitors used in DC support use high temperature polypropylene film as the medium. Polypropylene film capacitors have the following advantages:

1) the product has good safety and strong overvoltage resistance because of the self-healing phenomenon of thin film capacitors, and the film capacitors are designed according to the IEC61071 standard, with rated voltages whose surge voltage resistance capacity is greater than 1. 5. In addition, the capacitor adopts split film technology. In theory, short circuit breakdown will not occur in capacitors, which greatly improves the safety of this kind of capacitors. The typical failure mode is open circuit. In specific applications, the peak voltage resistance of capacitance is also an important index to investigate capacitance. In fact, for electrolytic capacitors, the allowable surge voltage is 1.2 times, forcing the user to consider the peak voltage rather than the nominal voltage.


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