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Advantages of supercapacitors(II)

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    As a new type of energy storage device, super capacitor has super storage capacity. In the mechanism of energy storage, it is highly reversible, has a long life, can repeatedly impulse and discharge thousands of times, and has a very large current, in addition, it has a wide range of voltage and working temperature. It has both the characteristics of high current and fast charge and discharge of conventional capacitors and the energy storage characteristics of batteries, which fills the gap of specific energy and specific power between conventional capacitors and batteries, and its discharge power is nearly 10 times higher than that of batteries. It makes up the technical gap between the aluminum electrolytic capacitor and the rechargeable battery, and overcomes the shortcomings of both. It has both the energy storage characteristics of the battery and the power characteristic of the capacitor. Its energy density is thousands of times higher than that of conventional electrolytic capacitors, up to 1000 WR / kg, and the leakage current is several thousand times smaller than that of conventional electrolytic capacitors.It has a very large capacitance of thousands of Faras or even tens of thousands of farraps, has a large storage energy and a long time, can instantly release hundreds to thousands of amperes of current, and the discharge of large current or even short circuit will not have any effect on it. Can charge and discharge more than 100,000 times without any maintenance and maintenance, life span of more than 10 years. It can be used in the working state of instantaneous discharge with maximum current, but it is not easy to generate heat and fire. The charging time is very short and can be completed in a few seconds. It is an ideal high power secondary power supply. It can be used in extremely bad environments such as extreme low temperature, and has no environmental pollution. It is safe and reliable, has a wide range of application, and is green and environmentally friendly.


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